CrossFit Workout 4/6/2018 Friday

General Warmup
10:00 of slow movement
10 banded good mornings
:05 lacrosse ball crush e/hand
:30 lizard stretch e/side

Workout Warmup
Every 3 min for 15 min
6 goblet squats with a 2 second pause at the bottom building to WOW
150 run
6 russian KB swings building to WOW

CrossFit Workout
16:00 AMRAP
12 Goblet squats 28/20
500/400 m row
15 russian kettlebell swings 28/20
150m suitcase carry 28/20 switch hands as needed

15 Minutes to build to a heavy set of 10-12 back squats @ 32×1
4 Rounds of 10 back squats @ 90% of your heavy, @ 32×1

Every 2 min for 15 rounds
1 snatch from the high blocks @30-40% of your 1rm. Set the blocks to be equal to your power position. Yes this should be ridiculously light

It’s ok to do this after the lift or workout
3 Rounds supersetted
15 split squats (aka stationary lunges) e side @3211. Start at bodyweight and build as you can
Elevated single leg glute bridge w/ toe off the ground, AMSAP with perfect form
Rest :60