CrossFit Workout 4/26/19 Friday

Warmup: Start this at 15:00
5 rounds:
3 back squats up to starting strength weight. First rep always 3111.
5 empty bar clean and jerks

Strength start this at 30:00
5 Rounds:
1 Back squat at 85+%. No fails in the first 4!
3 clean and jerks up to workout weight

CrossFit Workout: Start this at 45:00
For time with a 15:00 cap
2000m row
30 clean and jerks 95/65. RX+ 135/95

Coach’s Note
This is the rowing version of a MACC workout. If you would like to test the exact version of that workout, it’s a 2000m ski instead of row. For the back squats, they should be heavy, technically clean singles. If the first four singles feel good, feel free to hit a PR attempt. If it feels heavy, just stay at the heaviest weight that moves well. The clean and jerks should be light to moderate. It shouldn’t be above 60% of your max.