CrossFit Workout 4/16/18 Monday

General Warmup

3 rounds NFT
6 upright rows with a light dumbbell- focus on elbow height not weight height
:30 lazy side plank/side
:30 rig supported back arch
:10 plank: squeeze as hard as possible

Workout Warmup
3 rounds supersetted:
1 legless rope climb with a controlled descent/AMRAP rope pullups with a 3 second pause at the chest and slow descent/AMSAP clenched rope hold
AMRAP wall facing strict HSPU with a pause an inch off the ground/2 negative WF handstand pushups/AMSAP nose and toes hold

CrossFit Workout
3 Wall Walks (if you can’t do wall walks, do pike box wall walks) 
10 calorie row
150 single KB crush carry 24/16

Build to a heavy 7-9 strict press @ 3012
then 3 sets of 7 @ 90% @3012

3 sets of up to 10 strict eccentric kipping concentric HSPU

4 rounds supersetted:
10-12 incline dumbbell bench press @2211
AMRAP empty barbell curls @ 3112
you can do this with the lift if you want