CrossFit workout 4/14/18 Saturday

General Warmup
10 rounds of :30 on :30 off
Even Rounds: Reverse lunges
Odd Rounds:single unders

Workout Warmup
15 min of
10 slow goblet squats with a pause at the bottom
easy light hang clean practice
jog a 150

CrossFit workout
You go, I go style
No running in between movements, but everyone runs a 550 to start. 
100 Ball slams 30/20. Every time you switch, run a 550 with the slam ball switching as needed
80 front squats 135/95. Every time you switch, both partners run a 400
60 hang power cleans 135/95 every time you switch, run a 150
30:00 cap

make up a lift
If you did all the lifts this week, pick your weakest lift or gymnastics movement and practice that for 20:00 at low intensity/weight

1 max set of thrusters at 75/55. Aim for 25+

3 rounds, rest 5:00 b/t rounds
400/340 m row