CrossFit Workout 4/13/18 Friday

General Warmup

10:00 of
10 deep breaths in half-moon on each side
a non-max set of perfect pushups. If you can pause an inch off the ground, do so
10 scap pullups
10 heaviesh russian kb swings

Workout Warmup

Supinated chest to bar hold
3 rounds of 60% of your max from week 1
supersetted with 3 rounds of up to 1:00 pushup plank on low rings
3 rounds  supersetted of
5 deadlifts building to workout weight
a set of double unders


CrossFit Workout

For Time
70 monkey taps
60 lateral burpees over the bar
550 run
40 deadlifts @ 60% of your max, cap 275/185. If you don’t have a deadlift max, pick the heaviest weight you could do 10 deadlifts with perfect form.
30 Box jumps 24/20
20 strict ring pullups/rows


4 Rounds, supersetted of:
Find a heavy 5-7 of db row @ 2112. Get heavier than last week, even if you have to do 5 or 6 reps.
5-7 reps @ 90% of heavy db row @ 2112
Accumulate 1:00 of double underhand axle bar deadlift hold with a medium weight. DO NOT JERK THE BAR OFF THE GROUND
The weight should be enough to force you to break it up in at least 2 rounds, but light enough to go unbroken in the first round.
rest 5:00 b/t rounds


Accumulate 30 perfect low ring muscle up transitions

45 minute steady bike. Airdyne or actual bike.
Then spend 10 minutes on hip mobility after. “