CrossFit Workout 4/12/18 Thursday

General Warmup
3 rounds
Rowing skill practice–10 back and arms only strokes, 10 half strokes, 10 full strokes. Make them perfect!
6 cossack squats e/side
:30 sampson stretch e/side

Workout Warmup
12 min emom
Min 1: :15 big toe extended posture e/leg
Min 2: Rowing sprint start
Min 3: 8 double KB cleans, building to workout weight

CrossFit Workout
15:00 AMRAP
Hollow Rocks
Air Squats
Cals Rower
:45 double KB Front Rack Hold in between movements 20/12

no lift. mobility instead

Accumulate 50 perfect feet on box kipping chest to bar. This should be EASY. Not much arm/back involvement
Butterfly or regular kip are acceptable.
Set the box up so that the bar is at your chest when you stand tall

Odd: 10 GHDs
Even: 6 Glute Ham Raises as slow as possible on the way down