CrossFit Workout 4/10/2018 Tuesday

10:00 of
6 light dumbbell S2O e/arm
:45 of downward dog
10 cat/cow
10 supinated bent over barbell rows

Workout Warmup
1 round of ring to chest max hold cap 1:00
1 round of max effort tuck hold on parallettes cap 1:00
3 rounds supersetted of
50% ring to chest hold
50% tuck hold on parallattes If you can’t do a tuck hold, do an n-sit hold on paralletes

CrossFit Workout
For time:
60 S2O 50/35 dumbbell, switch hands as needed. If need be, use a kb
40 V-ups
20 Dumbbell clean/arm 50/35. Switch as needed.

Build to a heavy set of 8-10 presses @ 31×2 in 15 minutes
4 sets of 8presses @31×2 @ 90% of your heavy

3 rounds, supersetted:
max effort parallette l-sit
:15-:20 false grip hang from rings
1:00 balled fist wrist stretch

Pacing Work
For the same time each round
6 rounds
20/16 cal bike
4 burpee chest to bar, strict and supinated
8 ghd situps
:20 front rack hold, 2×24/16 kbs. Pin elbows to ribs, knuckles under chin
rest 1:00 between rounds