CrossFit Workout 4/10/19 Wednesday

Because of the snow, we may have to adjust the schedule tonight/tomorrow morning. Stay posted!

Row/bike/run for 3-5:00
Work on mobility or stability for 3-5:00

Warmup: Start this at 15:00
3 rounds:
10 PVC OR empty bar sotts press
15 pogo hops-FAST off the ground

Workout Warmup: Start this at 20:00
3 Rounds:
2 Power snatches+3 OHS–first OHS @3111. Work up a bit above your wow
25 DU

CrossFit Workout: Start this at 30:00
6 rounds of:
3:00 to complete:
400/350m row
30 DU
6 Power snatches 75/55
Max OHS in remaining time
rest move :90 in between rounds: row, bike, ski, or jog.

Rx+ is 95/65, and the DU only count if they’re unbroken
Score is total OHS

Coach’s Note
You should be shooting for around 6-8 reps every round. If you are a good rower, you may be able to get 10+. Scale the weight to do the snatches unbroken. The row should take between 1:20 and 1:40.

6 Bench Press @ 65%
6 @75%

4×2 high hang squat snatch 50-70%
4×2 high hang squat clean+jerk

Gymnastics volume
7 Rounds supersetted
10 unbroken pullups
10 unbroken pushups
Alternate between pvc floor presses and pvc curls for your rest, for as long as you need to recover.