CrossFit Workout 3/6/19 Wednesday

3 rounds
20 kip swings
10 lateral shuffle lengths (5 per side)
:30 ring row hold
5 Cuban Presses @ 3111

Workout Warmup
3 Rounds:
:30 ring pushup plank hold
AMRAP Ring rows, feet elevated if you can, @ 1113 (3 second hold at the top)
Pullup warmup up to Chest to Bar

CrossFit Workout
15:00 EMOM
A 15 Hand release pushups RX+ Ring pushups
B 13/10 cal bike RX+ 16/13
C 10 Pullups RX+ Chest to bar

Coach’s Note
These movements should be unbroken, but a little challenging to keep unbroken. Use the EMOM format as an opportunity to practice perfect form. If these numbers are easy for you then push the bike hard and hold yourself to unbroken sets.