CrossFit Workout 3/5/19 Tuesday

3 Rounds
10 banded good mornings
10 cal bike
10 light dumbbell lunges total (open style)
1 Broad Jump

3×5 deadlifts @ 50,60,70% of your max

In between, 20 back rack stepups @18-23% of your BS max. Set the box height even with the top of your kneecap.

3 sets of 3 deadlifts @ 80%

CrossFit Workout
3 Rounds for Time
15 Deadlifts 135/95 RX+ 205/135
25′ DB walking lunges 2×35/25 RX+2×50/35 (open style, dbs on shoulders)

As soon as you finish, 30/25 cal row for time.

Coach’s Note
This workout should be very fast, and definitely unbroken. You have two scores: total time, and time for the rower. The deadlifts should be between 40-50% of your max.

Barbell Conditioning
EMOM 10: 7 Thrusters @95/65

Aerobic Conditioning
3 x1k row. Rest 33% of what you do. If you were consistent on this last week, be faster. If you weren’t consistent, be consistent.