CrossFit Workout 3/14/19 Thursday

We will be closed in the morning. Stay tuned for an update about noon. Classes are on as normal for 4:30/5:30/6:30.

12:00 of:
:12 flexed arm hang
10 up downs (no push up burpee)
10 light push press/arm
10 upright rows/arm

CrossFit Workout
On a 30:00 running clock:

5 Rounds for time:
6 Strict ring pullups
20/16 cal row

1-10 KB push press/side 24/16
In between each rung of the ladder (after both arms) 15 double unders/10 stick jumps

Accumulate 4:00 of active hang from the pullup bar
Every time you drop off, 5 burpees to your pullup bar

Coach’s Note
This workout will tax your muscular endurance. The pullups should be unbroken, scale to the largest number you can reliably do. If you can’t do pullups, do a :20 flexed arm hang in the workout. The push press should be unbroken, but hard to do that. For the active hang, no more than 10 sets.

Active recovery
On a 30:00 clock
9:00 at a nose breathing pace
3 Ring pullups
20/16 cal row

9:00 of
:15 waiter’s carry hold/side light
10 easy cal bike
10 pvc passthroughs

9:00 bike. At 20,23,26, and 29:00, go very up tempo (95%) for :05.