CrossFit Workout 3/12/19 Tuesday

2 Rounds
15 kb snatches/arm 12/8
10 renegade rows with a 2 second pause at the chest
25 kip swings

Then do the barbell warmup

6×1 Top down 3 Position Snatch, starting at 40%, and building to 75%
In between the first 4 sets, do 10 total high back rack stepups between 12 and 20% of your back squat max. (Box above top of kneecap)


5×1 between 80-90% Snatch
In between lifts, do the pullup warmup
“Get as far as you can in 11 minutes:

CrossFit Workout

3 Pullups
3 Power Snatches 75/55
3 Renegade Rows 30/20


3 Chest to Bar
3 Squat Snatches 95/65
1 Bar Muscle Up


Coach’s Note
This workout is going to get high volume very fast. Have a breakup strategy when you get to that point. If you don’t have pullups, do jumping pullups. For the strength piece, use the style of snatch you’ll do in the workout. This workout should feel technical and strategic. While you can work hard during it, the volume will get to the point that breaking will be necessary. Try and maximize your progress once you get to that point. For the renegade rows, do 1 pushup, then 2 rows for each rep. (We’ve done a lot of pressing, let’s keep it lower today)

Rep counts for finished rounds:
3s=9 reps
6s=27 reps
9s=54 reps
12s=90 reps
15s=135 reps
18s=189 reps

3×1000 m row, rest 1/3 of your work. Last week of this, go get it!

2:00 to find a max set of Ring Muscle ups, then:
8:00 AMRAP of 1/4 of your max set.