CrossFit Workout 3/11/19 Monday

3 rounds
6 goblet squats @ 3311 (three seconds down, pause in the bottom for 3 seconds)
30 double unders
:20 side plank/side
6 pvc cuban press @3111

Workout Weight
5 Rounds
5 thrusters up to 115/75
5 box jumps
10 pushups (if 10 is easy, do ring pushups instead)
10 ring rows (elevate your feet if you can)

CrossFit Workout
Thrusters 95/65
Box Jumps 24/20″
Bar facing burpees

RX+ is 28-20-12

Coach’s Note
This workout should be light for the thrusters. Try and make yourself move continuously through the box jumps and burpees. Each round in this workout should be daunting to try and do unbroken. It should feel like you can consistently keep your cycle time fast, and push for no more than 2 sets per round.

10 Rounds
15/12 cal bike
1 up and back empty yoke walk. Ladies, set up squat racks, and walk with 125 pounds on your back.

6:00 EMOM
A 5 Shoulder to overhead @ 50% of your split jerk
B 1 Split Jerk @ 85% of your split jerk