3 rounds
10 glute bridges
10 side plank dip ups/side
10 mckenzie pushups

Skill work
No equipment:
10 upright rows/arm slow and controlled–use a light backpack
10 floor pullups

x 4 rounds

5-10 upright rows/arm slow and controlled
10 floor pullups
x 4 rounds

Barbell/Full gym
5-10 upright rows/arm slow and controlled–you can use a single plate for this
10 floor pullups–or 1 set of strict pullups
x4 rounds

20:00 AMRAP

No equipment
30 russian twists with crush carry
300m crush carry (backpack/duffels/child)
30 lateral raises–use a water bottle or book

20 russian twists (total)
200m farmer’s carry (can be uneven, just switch every time)
20 snatches

20 russian twists(total) use a plate
100m pinch grip carry
10 empty bar hang power snatches–if the bar is heavy for you, do 20 broomstick hang power snatches

Extra Work-Conditioning Bias
Go on a 45:00 ruck–wear a backpack/vest/sandbag or drag a light sled. Keep heart rate between 60-80%