Get a good sweat and stretch, then:
3 rounds of:
:30 heart opener stretch
10 t-spine rotations/side
10 v ups

Bentover Rows

No Equipment
:45 Backpack row hold+:45 deadbugs x 5 rounds

Dumbbell Or KB
:45 reps/1:15 rest

:30 on/1:30 off

Pick loads that you can move smoothly and controlled.

Fight Gone Bad Style
(1:00 for max reps, no built in transition time, score is total reps, 1:00 of rest in between rounds)
5 rounds

No equipment version
A Backpack rows
B Burpees
C Vups

DB/KB version
A Plank Rows
B Burpees
C Vups

Barbell/Full Gym Version
A Bentover rows @ ~50% of what your heaviest set was
B Burpees
C Vups

Extra Work–Strength Bias

3 sets of 3 reps, all at 80%
Strict Press or Bench Press
Front Squat
RDLs (off of 70% of your deadlift)

After every working set, do 20 banded curls and 20 banded tricep extensions.