At Home Warmup
Get a good sweat/stretch on, then spend a few extra minutes getting your hips loose:

5 rounds/10:00 of:
:30 couch stretch/leg
10 slow spiderman lunges

At Home Strength
Good Morning
5 rounds of slow controlled reps
Bodyweight do 1:00 on 1:00 off
db/kb (in the goblet position or on your neck do :45 on/1:15 off
Barbell (on the back) do :30 on, 1:30 off

At Home Workout
No equipment:

Glute bridges
Walking lunges (total)

RDLs–at a weight where you only break once per round
Weighted walking lunges (total)

Front Rack Walking Lunge (total)

Midline Madness
accumulate 75 excellent hollow rocks

Extra Work–Strength Bias
We are going to be putting extra work up for people with access to more equipment, or who want to take this time to do some weakness work. Our strength work will focus on frequency over volume, and will be total body, it will be 3 days a week on M/W/F. The Engine bias will also be 3 days a week, and will be T/Th/Sa.

3 sets of 4 reps, all at about 75% (use about 70% of your deadlift for RDLs)

Front Squat
Bench Press or Strict press, whichever you have room for

After each lift, do 1 L-sit strict muscle up or 3 strict muscle up transitions with your feet on the ground. If you don’t have rings, do neutral grip rows with a bag, dbs, or kbs.