Do a coach’s warmup, then get right into the lift

Lift: start this at 10:00
5 Rounds of:
6 suitcase deadlifts/side
10 front foot elevated lunges/leg
12 barbell hip thrusts

Goal is smooth, perfect movement.

Then, warmup your pullups, double unders, and squats

CrossFit Workout: start this at: 35:00
16:00 EMOM
A 10 double kb front squats 2×20/12
B :30 of max reps of a pullupy thing, your choice
C max double unders
D rest

Rx+ 24/16 for the kbs

Score: reps of the DU+ pullupy thing… old school SFM scoring style
Ring rows are worth 1 point
pullups 2
c2b 3
bmu 4

The squats are just good for you 😛

Cooldown:start this at 55:00
1:00 lat roll/arm
10 t spine rotations

Coach’s Note
This is a good day to practice the pulling movement you’re worst at under fatigue. It’s also a good day to attempt double unders. The squats should be perfect, and unbroken but challenging

Midline Madness
3 max effort hanging l/n sit holds

rest 1:00 in between efforts

Extra Work
4 rounds of
1:00 Row
2:30 rest
1:00 AMRAP of 8 bfb and 16 air squats
2:30 rest”

At Home Warmup
Get a good sweat/stretch on, then:

3 rounds of
:20 wall sit
5 pogo jumps

At Home Workout
16:00 EMOM
A :30 of tempo squats, holding something in a bear hug. 3 seconds down, pause in the hole
B :30 of powell raises in a side plank (switch sides every time you come back)
C max pogo jumps
D rest or :30 plank, depending on how heavy/tired the other stuff makes you