CrossFit Workout 2/7/19 Thursday

SFM, then
4 rounds
:30 elbow plank
10 mckenzie pushups
10 cal bike

Then practice double kb cleans

CrossFit Workout
4:00 amrap, 2:00 off for 5 Rounds:
Workout version:
40 Double unders
5 Up and back double kb front rack carry, 2×24/16
10/8 cal bike

Active recovery version:
15 cal machine of your choice
5 up and back kb front rack carry, 2×12/8-steady walk, not fast
40 single unders

5 Rounds
10 hollow body frog rocks
10 pvc passthroughs
10 spiderman lunges/side
10 scorpions/side

Coach’s Note
If you have worked out 3 days in a row, do the active recovery version. If you’re doing the workout version, use a weight that is heavy for the front rack carries. Start over each time. Score is total reps.

Extra Work
make up anything you missed