CrossFit Workout 2/5/19 Tuesday

SFM, then 3 rounds with a 8:00 cap of:
8 Single leg eccentric calf raises/side
:30 bottom of goblet squat hold with ~15% of max back squat

Workout Warmup
8:00 of warming up your back squat by tapping a med ball in the bottom as you build to workout weight.

CrossFit Workout
15:00 EMOM Back Squats
First 10:00, 3 back squats, 3% heavier than last time.
Last 5:00, 1 Back Squat, build to something heavy.

Last week of back squats!

For time:
15 Burpees
20/16 cal row
15 burpees

45:00 around the world.
2:00 easy movement
1 Isometric hold. Rotate through several holds