4 sets
3 deadlifts up to WOW
5 paused back squats up to 70%
10 birddogs

Back Squat–1×10@70%

then: Every :90 for 4 rounds
5 hip thrusts AHAP
3 box jumps

CrossFit Workout
3 Rounds for Time
500 meter Row
12 Deadlifts (Bodyweight)
21 Box Jumps (24/20 in)

No rx+

1:00 couch stretch/side

Coach’s Note

This one should be around 12-15 minutes. The gym record is 10:45 by Javier. You can’t sprint the rows, but they’re a big part of the workout, so make sure that you keep that at an uncomfortable pace. Keep the deadlifts unbroken, and keep moving on the box jumps. We always recommend stepping down, but if you’re going to rebound, land with your hips back.

Squat snatch
Every :90 for 10 rounds
1 rep @70%–move the bar fast!

Split Jerk
EMOM for 10 rounds
1 rep @70%