Warmup start this at 5:00
Do all of crossover symmetry

3 rounds of:
3-5 bench up to 60% of bench
3 clapping pushups

Lift start this at 20:00
20:00 to find Bench Press 3RM

Suggested build:
3-5 reps @60,70,75, %
1 rep at 80, 85%
1 unrack+ ::05-10 hold at 105-110% of your 1rm (do this around 10:00 in to the 20:00)

3 rep attempt at old 85-90%
build from there. If the unrack made your 3 rep feel easy, do it before each 3 rep attempt, and then rest about :90 before attempting

Then do a few double unders and situps

CrossFit Workout- start this at 45:00
Abmat situps
double unders

1:00 calf stretch/side
1:00 shoulder stretch/side

Coach’s Note
Make sure you have a spotter for your 3rm attempts. If you can’t do double unders, do plate jumps instead. Make your situps excellent in terms of range of motion. Your chest should break 90 degrees.