CrossFit Workout 2/12/19 Tuesday

3 Rounds:
10 calorie row
20 kip swings
10 upright rows/arm

6:00 of working on Box Pullups
then, if you have pullups do:
3 Rounds
6-10 perfect kipping pullups
4-6 strict pullups

If you don’t have a pullup, do a pullup program workout instead of the 3 rounds.
If you don’t have that, hop in with a friend on theirs, and ask John to send it to you.

CrossFit Workout
For time:
Pullups (Rx+ chest to bar)
Row calories

Coach’s Note
Use the skill portion to dial in your kipping technique. You can do the box kipping even if you don’t have strict pullups. The CrossFit Workout goes 1 Pullup, 20 cals; 2 Pullups, 18 cals, etc. It should be grippy and steady. If you’re very proficient at pullups, fight to row hard and keep your pullups unbroken.

12:00 To find a Max Snatch
12:00 to Find a Max Clean