Welcome to test week!

Record your scores. Have fun. Be safe.

Warmup start this at 10:00:
4 Rounds of:
15/12 cal bike
3 back squats up to about 50%
1 broad jump

Lift start this at 25:00
20:00 to find:
Back Squat 3RM

Suggested build:
3-5 reps @50,60,70,75, %
1 rep at 80, 85%
1 walkout+ ::05-10 hold at 105-110% of your 1rm (do this around 10:00 in to the 20:00)

3 rep attempt at old 85-90%
build from there. If the walkout made your 3 rep feel easy, do it before each 3 rep attempt, and then rest about :90 before attempting

Then get your heart rate up a bit and get ready for 10:00 strategy

CrossFit Workout start this at 45:00
10:00 bike test

Cooldown: start this at 55:00/whenever you stop rolling around on the floor.

Quad stretch or roll of the athletes choice.

Coach’s Note
The walkout is there to use something called “post-activation potentiation.” Holding a heavy weight 1-2 minutes before you attempt a heavy lift actually makes your muscle fibers more efficient at lifting heavy weight. For the bike test, start at your average rpms from last time, hold that for 6-7 minutes, then suffer well. 🙂