CrossFit Workout 2/1/19 Friday

SFM, then,
4 Rounds Supersetted
6 z-press
10 v-ups
6 cuban press @ 4011
1:00 of rowing/biking–last round should be HARD.

Workout Warmup
4 Rounds:
5 Thrusters up to 135/95
:20 bottom of front squat hold after the last rep in each round
:10-:14 in l-sit in ring support

CrossFit Workout
Compare to 17.5
10 RFT
9 Thrusters
35 DU

16:00 time cap

Coach’s Note
This is an extremely high volume of thrusters. Break them up right from the beginning unless you plan on going unbroken the whole time. Pick weights that you can do for lots of reps. The point of today is to work extremely hard and get very uncomfortable. The timecap is tight on purpose–push to finish.

16:00 EMOM
Odd minutes: 10 Unbroken HSPU
Even minutes: 150/100m ski

EMOM 10:00
1 Squat Snatch Start @ 80% and build as you’re able