CrossFit Workout 19.3

We will be doing Minute to Win it tonight after each heat. So finish the workout, cool down a bit, and then get ready to represent your team!

3 Rounds
5 Banded lunges/leg. Stretch in the bottom for :10/leg on the first rep.
5 very light overhead dumbbell split squats @3111/leg. Get really comfortable in the bottom position of this movement.
1 Wall Walk+ 3 Breath HS Hold.

Workout Warmup
3 Rounds
10′ OHWL/arm up to something heavier than workout weight
5 stepups/leg up to something heavier than workout weight
1-5 Strict HSPU (about 20% of max set)

4 Rounds
:30 bike, 1:00 rest walk. Be sweating hard at the end of this.

CrossFit Workout

For time:
200-ft. dumbbell overhead lunge
50 dumbbell box step-ups
50 strict handstand push-ups
200-ft. handstand walk
Time cap: 10 minutes

Coach’s Note
This workout will tax your legs, midline, and shoulders. Make sure that you are very loose before you go on the lunges. The lunges and stepups need to be steady and unbroken, unless the weight is very heavy for you. Start with very small sets for the HSPU, and try and keep a good pace.