CrossFit Workout 12/6/18 Thursday

12 min emom:
Min 1 10 Hip CARs/side
Min 2 150/125m row
Min 3 :30 active hang

Then do the barbell warmup

Workout Warmup
5 rounds
Front rack lunges x 6/leg heavier than last week.

Landmine Single Leg RDLs x6/leg heavier than last week.

Deadbugs x 12/leg

CrossFit Workout
13:00 AMRAP
10 Total DB/kb box stepovers 2×12/8 on a 20″/16″ box
20 cal row
10 Russian KB swings 24/16

Coach’s Note
This workout should be light enough that consistent movement is possible. Try and keep a consistent pace on the rower. I think 8 rounds is possible if you’re a good rower!

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