CrossFit Workout 12/4/18 Tuesday

3 Rounds
10 KB RDLs
:30 waiter’s carry hold/side
:30 banded internal shoulder rotation stretch/side

Workout Warmup
4 rounds of KB snatch 1:00 on 1:00 off with a light bell, on the coach’s move.


4 rounds

Face pulls on rings x10 @ 3111 (Three seconds on the way out, 1 second everywhere else)

Tuck planche on Paralletes AMSAP

CrossFit Workout

For time with a 20:00 cap.
Abmat situps

Use the same bell you used for the AMRAP last week.

Coach’s Note
This workout should feel similar to the AMRAP from last week. We have done this workout before, so check and see if you have a score.

Close grip bench 7×1 all above 90%

10x 300/250 row on the 2:00 start