CrossFit Workout 12/3/18 Monday

9 min EMOM
10 calf raises on a plate @ 3311
:30 goblet squat hold
:20 banded front rack stretch/side

then practice rope climb clamps
Workout Warmup
3 rounds
2-3 Rope climbs

2-3 Dragon flags

3 position clean up to about 60%

15:00 to Find a 1RM clean

CrossFit Workout
8:00 AMRAP
Cleans @ 90% of what you hit. Go get it.

Coach’s Note
For experienced athletes, take enough rest that you are able to stay consistent through the 8 minutes. Newer athletes, use the warmup as an opportunity to lift weights you’ve never done before. Use the energy of the room to get a good lift in!

no lift. Do the class.

No extra, peak week.

5 min AMRAP RMU.
2 Scores: Total and unbroken set to open