CrossFit Workout 11/9/18 Friday

10:00 of
:20 planche lean
1 length bounding bear crawl
:30 wrist stretch

Workout Warmup
Min 1: 1 Power snatch+1 power snatch balance+ 1 hang power snatch up to 135/95 (or around 70%)
Min 2: 7-15 pushups–if you can’t do pushups do a :20-:30 bottom of pushup hold
Min 3: :30 powell raises in side plank (one side per round)–Keep your arm straight the whole time!
Min 4 :40 jump rope practice

CrossFit Workout 
8:00 AMRAP
5 power snatches 95/65
10 Bar Facing Burpees
30 double unders/ 20 stick jumps

Coach’s Note
This workout should be fast and consistent. Pick a light weight for the power snatches, and try not to stop moving for the burpees. If you have double unders but 30 is too many for consistent sets, pick a number that you can get through with no or one break. If you can’t do DU do 20 stick jumps.

Close grip bench press
5x 3-5 reps between 84-88%

10:00 easy run

6-8 400m run. Rest 1:30 in between rounds. Same pace each round.

10:00 easy run

Accumulate 1:00 of freestanding handstand hold.

If you can do this in 3 or less attempts, 3 holds as long as possible

Try and do this in less attempts than last week