CrossFit Workout 11/7/18 Wednesday

3 rounds of:
10 leg lifts over kb with back against wall
Rowing technique work
Rowing sprint start
box jumps up to workout height

CrossFit Workout
1:00 on 1:00 off for
Odd rounds: Max meters row–goal is same pace every round, faster than last time.
Even: 10 Box jump step down+AMRAP v-ups

In-class Post Workout Mobility
2 rounds of:
1:00 Couch stretch left
1:00 couch stretch right
1:00 standing wide legged forward fold
1:00 elevated pigeon left
1:00 elevated pigeon right

Coach’s Note
The last few rounds of rowing should be very very challenging to hold your starting pace. Keep your v-ups as tight as possible. For the mobility, try and notice differences between sides, and keep your hips tucked under during couch stretch. If you like this structure, tell your coach. If you don’t, tell your coach.

No lift. do 30:00 of extra mobility or conditioning.

3 rounds of 2:00 rowing/1:00 off. Same pace every round

rest 6:00

3 rounds of 2:00 biking/1:00 off. Same RPMs every round

These should be fairly intense.

Not for time: 10 rounds of:
:30 sorenson hold
2 10 second jefferson curls
3 cossack squats/side