CrossFit Workout 11/6/18 Tuesday

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Do 50 pullovers each
A quick five step

Workout Warmup
10:00 to practice tire flipping (or stone shoulder) and warm up your HPC and gymnastics

CrossFit Workout
10 RFT– 30:00 Cap RX plus is 15 rounds, same cap

3 Hang Power Clean 185/125

5 Dips (any type)

5 Pull Ups (any type)

1 Tire Flip–if it’s too cold to flip a tire, one stone shoulder 115/95

150 Meter Run

If it’s too cold to run, do 12/10 cal bike or 150m row.

Coach’s Note
Pick the heaviest weight that you can do 3 unbroken hang power cleans consistently. If you can’t do dips, do banded dips. If you can’t do pullups, do banded strict pullups. This workout is a grinder. Try and keep moving. Transitions will cause you to cap out if you let them.

Technique Warmup:
10:00 of:
3 muscle cleans+3 tall jerks

then 15:00 to build to a heavy in:
3 slow first pull cleans (not TAG) + 3 paused jerks (pause in the bottom of the dip)

40:00 easy bike
every 5:00 do 1 legless rope climb

Row 400m
3-6 unbroken bar muscle ups
rest 1:00

row @ 2k pace. If you did 6 ub bar muscle ups last week, row :01 faster. Last week of these!