CrossFit Workout 11/5/18 Monday

3 rounds:
Banded front rack stretch
:30 goblet squat hold
:15 HARD bike

Workout Warmup
5 rounds:
1 Squat clean+ 2 Thrusters+ 1 Push jerk
Ring pullups AMRAP
Pullup warmup
Straddle hollow hold :40-

CrossFit Workout
Burpee Fran with an 11:00 cap
Thrusters 95/65

EMOM, including start, 4 burpees

Coach’s Note
This workout should be steady. Pick a weight that will allow you to complete the workout under the time cap. Winning the round of 21 probably doesn’t mean winning this workout. Squat all the way down, lock out at the top of your thrusters.

Front Squat 5x 3-5 reps between 84-88%. No tempo, but have excellent positions!

rest 3:00 between sets

6 rounds:
250m row
15 unbroken wallballs
6 Box jumps 28/24
24 unbroken du
rest 1:00 between rounds. Same time every round

Accumulate 18 perfect kipping ring muscle ups. If you can do this in 2 or less sets, do 30.