CrossFit Workout 11/27/18 Tuesday

9 Min EMOM
8 banded lunges/side
:30 of high knees
:20 Cossack Squat hold (with weight)/side

Then do the barbell warmup

Workout Warmup
20:00 of
Front rack lunges x 8/side

Landmine Single leg RDLs x8/side

deadbugs x 10/side

5 box jumps up to workout height

Shuttle run practice

CrossFit Workout
For time
Front Squats 95/65
Shuttle Lengths (each length is 1 rep)
Box Jumps 24″/20″

Coach’s Note
This workout is going to take your legs away. Try and sink your hips each time you cut for the shuttle runs. Pick a front squat weight that is fairly light for you.

Close grip bench 6×2 @89-93%

12x :90 bike
rest :60 in between
keep consistent RPMs, 1 or 2 rpms faster than last week

10RFT For Time
6 alt pistols
15 double unders