CrossFit Workout 11/2/18 Friday

12:00 EMOM
10 open palm presses total
jump rope practice
:45 banded lat dstraction

Workout Warmup
5 rounds of:
KB Clean and press x8/side heavier than last week

Ring dips AMRAP @ 2211

L-sit in support AMSAP

S2O up to workout weight

CrossFit Workout
1:00 buy in overhead hold

4 RFT:
10 Shoulder to overhead 135/95
150 run
50 double unders

1:00 buyout overhead hold

Coach’s Note
The holds are accumulated time. Cap yourself at 3:00 of actual time each way. The weight should be moderate. If you think you can do both holds and all the reps unbroken, go up to something that will force you to break the reps but keep the holds unbroken.

No lift. do 30:00 of extra mobility or conditioning.

10:00 easy run

5x800m run @ 5k pace rest 1:1
5x400m run @ 5k pace- -rest 1:1

10:00 easy run

EMOM 10:
8/7 cal bike+3-5 kipping ring dips