CrossFit Workout 11/1/18 Thursday

As a reminder, we have Skip’s Kettlebell Clinic this Saturday from 10:30-11:30 AM. Sunday, we will be doing a “25th hour” workout for daylight savings time. It will be a fun workout based off of the number 25 at 9am. Come use your extra hour!

3 rounds:
10 Scap pullups
5 Cossack Squats (side lunges)/side
:30 kb internal rotation stretch

then do the snatch warmup

Warmup Workout
1 power snatch+ 2 snatch balance+ 1 hang squat snatch
Ring pullups AMRAP @ 2211
Kipping warmup
Straddle hollow hold x :30-:35

CrossFit Workout
21-15-9 with a 20:00 cap
Hang Squat Snatches 95/65
Toe to Ring
Row Cals

If you can do BMU do 12-9-6 BMU instead of T2R

Coach’s Note
This should be a moderately long workout. Each set of toe to rings should be accomplished in no more than 4 sets. It shouldn’t take 20:00, but if you’re on the edge and want to practice BMU, this is a good workout to do it in.

Technique warmup:
10:00 of light tempo snatch pull+muscle snatch. This isn’t an amrap. Just work on it as a skill, and get better.
then 15:00 to build to a heavy in:
1 snatch pulls+1 squat snatches (goal 85-90%)

6×6 minute bike
rest 2:00 in between
keep consistent RPMs, 1 or 2 rpms faster than last week”

This should be fairly difficult by the end.

Accumulate 15 perfect kipping ring muscle ups. If you can do this in 2 or less sets, do 24.