CrossFit Workout 10/8/18 Monday

EMOM 12:
Min 1: 10 hard banded lat pulldowns
Min 2: :30 kb shoulder int rotation stretch
Min 3: :30 ring row hold

Then do the snatch warmup

Workout Warmup
20:00 for 5 rounds of:
2 snatch high pull+2 power snatch+2 hang squat snatches
Tuck lever AMSAP–if you’re over :15 try and do an invert hold on the bar
Hollow hold :30
Pullup warmup

CrossFit Workout
For time:
Power snatches 95/65

If you can do ring muscle ups, do 9-7-5 RMU with 21-15-9 power snatch

Coach’s Note
This workout will be very grippy. Break the work into manageable sets. You should be going fast. The weight should be light. For the warmup, find the most challenging straight arm pulling variation you can manage.

Technique Warmup:
10:00 of:
3 sotts presses+ 3 tall jerks

then 15:00 to build to a heavy in:
1 clean pull+1 hang squat clean+ 1 jerk

4 rounds:
12 alternating DB Snatch 70/50
:15 pronated flexed arm hang
10 BJSD 28/24
15 cal bike
rest 2:00 between rounds. Get faster every round

Row 300m
4-10 unbroken pullups
rest 1:00

row @ 2k pace

Try and do one more pullup than last week. If you did 10 pullups last week, get a second or two faster on the 300. “