CrossFit Workout 10/30/18 Tuesday

Min 1 :20 pallof press/side
Min 2: 20 total shoulder taps in pushup position
Min 3: :30 banded front rack stretch, Christo style

then do the barbell warmup

Workout Warmup

5 rounds:
2 Power cleans + 1 push press+ 1 jerk
Pushups x 5 moderate sets
Powell raises in side plank :35

CrossFit Workout
Hand release pushups
Power cleans 95/65

Coach’s Note
This workout should be FAST. Pick a light weight and hang onto the bar. No worming on the hand release pushups! For the warmup, if you can’t do pushups, do a max effort bottom of pushup hold each round, and then do knee hand release pushups for the workout. No one goes up–just go faster.

Close grip bench press
4×8 between 76-82%. Shoulders back!

6 rounds:
15 cal ad
12 single arm db clean and jerks 50/35 (6 per side)
8 burpees to a 6″ target
:20 wall facing hand stand hold
rest 1:00 between rounds. Same time every round

Accumulate 1:00 of freestanding handstand hold.

If you can do this in 3 or less attempts, 3 holds as long as possible

Try and do this in less attempts than last week