CrossFit Workout 10/2/18 Tuesday

With a partner:
Over/Under/Around warmup with a partner

then do the kb warmup

Workout Warmup
5 rounds of
KB Swing x 8 heavier than last week
Natural leg extensions x4 lower than last week
L-sit on parallettes AMSAP

1:00 bike/row. Use the bike if you can. Build in intensity.
5 deadlifts up to workout weight
x 5

CrossFit Workout
7:00 AMRAP
8 Deadlifts 185/125 (Rx+ 225/155)
150 run
8 pushups

Coach’s Note
Pick a weight that is light for you. This workout should be constant and uptempo. If you can’t do pushups, do banded pushups today.

Close grip bench press
3×10 @ 4011 a little heavier than last week

10:00 easy run

4x800m run @ 5k pace-:01 rest 1:1
4x400m run @ 5k pace-:01 -rest 1:1

10:00 easy run

Accumulate 35 perfect kipping ring dips. If you can do this in 2 or less sets, do 50.