CrossFit Workout 10/12/18 Friday

3 rounds of:
:30 pallof press hold/side
10 perfect pushups
1:00 sagging pec stretch

Workout Warmup
Every 5:00 x 4 rounds
3 position halting clean deadlift+3 hang squat cleans+2 push press+ 2 split jerks up to 65% of your lowest lift.
1-3 strict HSPU+ 4-6 kipping HSPU
Russian Twists x 14/side same weight as last week

CrossFit Workout
4 rounds with a 15:00 cap:
10 power clean and jerks 135/95
10 bar facing burpees
10 lateral box jump overs 24/20

Every 3:00, including start, run a 150

Coach’s Note
Keep your 150s below a minute. Use your grace weight. If you can’t do lateral box jumps at the prescribed height, drop the height and keep the lateral nature.

Technique warmup:
10:00 of light tall snatches. This isn’t an amrap. Just work on it as a skill, and get better.
then 15:00 to build to a heavy in:
1 above knee hang snatch+1 snatch balance+ 1 ohs (goal is to get to 80-85%)

10:00 easy run

4x800m run @ 5k pace-:02 rest 1:1
4x400m run @ 5k pace-:02 -rest 1:1

10:00 easy run

Not for time:
Accumulate 40 pistol foot switches