CrossFit Workout 10/11/18 Thursday

Min 1: 10 banded lunges/side
Min 2: rowing sprint start
Min 3: :30 pigeon/side

Workout Warmup
5 rounds:
Single Arm KB Front Rack Split Squats x6/side heavier than last week
2-5 pullups @ 3111 Add weight if you can
Flutter Kicks x :50
:15 kb front rack hold building to a heavy hold

CrossFit Workout
11:00 AMRAP
10 KB front squats 2×16/2×12
30 cal row

Coach’s Note
This workout is mostly about the row. Try to push the pace and hold on to the bells for all ten. For the hold in the warmup, it should be heavy enough at the end that you’re not sure if you can hold for :15.

Close grip bench press
4×6 @ 2211. Keep tension while the bar is on your chest

4×12 minute bike
rest 4:00 in between
keep consistent RPMs, 1 or 2 rpms faster than last week

E90s x 8
1 strict ring muscle up