CrossFit Workout 10/1/18 Monday

9 min EMOM
Min 1: 10 banded good mornings
Min 2 :30 couch stretch/side
Min 3 :30 front squat hold

then do the barbell warmup

Workout Warmup
Every 4:00 x 5 rounds

5 Clean Grip Deadlifts+3 Hang Squat Cleans + 3 front squats up to 75%

Ring supinated Flexed arm hang :12-:18+ 4-6 kipping pullups/chest to bar

Russian Twists x 12/side. Try and use the same weight you did last week.

A set of double unders

CrossFit Workout
10 RFT
35 Double unders
2 Power cleans @ 75% of your max

Coach’s Note
This workout should be fairly heavy. If you don’t know your max, pick the heaviest weight you can consistently do single reps at. If you can’t do double unders, do 20 stick jumps every round.

Technique warmup:
10:00 of light tall snatches. This isn’t an amrap. Just work on it as a skill, and get better.

then 15:00 to build to a heavy in:
2 above knee hang snatches+2 snatch balances+ 2 ohs (goal is to get to 70-80%)

4 rounds:
8 DB Thrusters 2×45/2×30
12 alternating pistols
8 burpees
150 run
rest 2:00 between rounds. Get faster every round

Row 300m
4-10 unbroken pullups
rest 1:00

row @ 2k pace

Try and do one more pullup than last week. If you did 10 pullups last week, get a second or two faster on the 300.