CrossFit Workout 1/9/19 Wednesday

SFM warmup then:
3 rounds
10 ring rows @ 3333
10 perfect air squats
10 hollow rocks
:30 banded front rack stretch

Workout warmup
5 rounds:
1 clean pull+1 hang muscle clean+1 power clean up to workout weight
5 staggered stance kb rdls/side
pullup warmup
4-6 strict supinated pullups/1 flexed arm hang AMSAP

CrossFit Workout
8 Total Rounds, 1:00 rest in between rounds
Odd rounds:
10/8 cal bike
10 Power cleans 135/95

Even Rounds:
10/8 cal row
10 pullups

Coach’s Note
This workout is 4 rounds of each couplet. They should be very fast. If you can’t do pullups, do jumping pullups. The weight should be moderate to light. No one goes up, just go faster.

Add 1 RMU to the middle 3 minutes of your 10:00 EMOM from last week

Build to a heavy 5rm Sumo DL
2×5 @ 90%

No extra conditioning today. Hit the WOD hard