CrossFit Workout 1/8/19 Tuesday

SFM warmup then:
3 rounds
10 bentover lateral raises
10 cal row
10 russian kb swings
:20 arch hold
Then bb warmup

Workout Warmup
4 rounds:
1 Snatch high pull+1 hang muscle snatch+1 power snatch
10-15 pushups
:20 weighted plank

CrossFit Workout
9:00 AMRAP
2 bar facing burpees
2 power snatches 95/65
4 Power snatches
Keep climbing the ladder as far as possible

Coach’s Note
This workout should be light enough to string several reps together and keep moving. Try and keep moving for 9 minutes straight.

5 Rounds
2 Strict Handstand pushups+40% of max kipping HSPU
1:00 of empty bar behind the neck pvc strict presses in between

EMOM 12: 3 TAG Power snatches
Start at 52.5% and build to 72.5% over the 12 rounds

35:00 easy row