CrossFit Workout 1/11/19 Friday

Don’t forget, the gym is closed for a level 1 this weekend!
SFM warmup then
3 rounds
10 z-presses
:20 active hang
:20 flutter kicks
10 burpees

Workout Warmup
1 Strict press+2 push press+3 push jerk up to something challenging
4 strict leg raises+4-6 kipping t2b
2 single arm db cleans up to workout weight

CrossFit Workout
Shoulder to overhead 115/75 Rx+ 155/105
T2B Rx+ 15/12/9/6/3
SA Dumbbell cleans total 50/35 RX+65/45

Coach’s Note
This workout should be fast. The cleans and t2b combo might get a bit grippy, so try and relax your grip as you cycle the dumbbell. The shoulder to overhead should be unbroken.

3 rounds of:
Odd rounds: Average kipping pullups from 2 weeks ago (no butterfly)+2 reps
rest 1:00
Even rounds: Average chest to bar + 2 reps
rest 1:00

Then 3 Rounds of:
AMRAP banded strict chest to bar, green band

In 10:00 find a heavy above knee hang squat clean
Then EMOM for 5
3 Above Knee Hang Squat Cleans @ 70-80%

then 3 rounds supersetted
8 Dual dumbbell prone row @ 3012
8 Dual Dumbbell incline bench press @ 3111

12 rounds 300/250m row
rest 1:00 after