CrossFit 7/13/18 Friday

:30 front rack stretch w/band/side
10 empty bar clean pull unders
:30 overhead squat hold
10 empty bar snatch pull unders

Workout Warmup
15:00 building to no more than 165/110 of:
1 3 position power clean
1 slow down, paused front squat
1 3 pos power snatch
1 slow down, paused overhead squat

No touch and go off the ground. Focus on speed in the three positions, and perfect form on the squats

Get some easy rowing in between rounds

CrossFit Workout
For time with an 11:00 cap
21 Power cleans 115/75
18 front squats 115/75
15 power snatches 115/75
12 OHS 115/75
Every 3:00 including start row 9/7 calories

Coach’s Note
This workout will test your transition times and willingness to move the barbell. Pick a weight that is fairly light. This should feel like a sprint.

25:00 around the world
550 sled push at a moderate continous walking pace. If you have to stop, it’s too heavy.

Every 2min x6 sets 1 push press @90%

Not for time

Accumulate 25 perfect pistols off a high box/side