Entries by John San Filippo

CrossFit Workout 6/20/19 Thursday

Happy birthday Tori!
10:00 of
5 donkey kicks (or freestanding handstand practice) https://youtu.be/V2g5hgLucao?t=36
10 barbell good mornings
:30 weighted plank

Workout Warmup
12 min emom
A: 1 wall walk+ :15 handstand hold
B: 3 deadlifts up to workout weight+3 lunges/leg up to workout weight
C :30 of row/bike/run, building in intensity

CrossFit Workout
Tori’s bday workout
6 Wall walks
20 Deadlifts 155/105
31 walking goblet lunges 24/16… More…

CrossFit Workout 6/19/19 Wednesday

1 warmup today:
3 rounds
10/10/10 rowing drills
1 length high knees
1 length butt kicks
1 length carioca/side
5 bjo

CrossFit Workout
10 RFT
150 run
13/10 cal row
5 Box Jump overs 24/20

5 BJO 28/24

Coach’s Note
This one will be an easy one to blow up on. Start a little slower than you think you need to. I would start my 150 from right in front of the rowers so you can run right to the rower every round. I think it’s possible to do this workout in 17:00 or so. Most of us should be aiming for sub 20:00. … More…

CrossFit Workout 6/18/19 Tuesday

9:00 EMOM
A 10 Scap pullups
B :30 empty bar overhead hold
C: 10 hollow rocks

Workout Warmup
12:00 of:
The Pullup Warmup
3 S2O Up to 20 pounds over your heaviest weight
:20 hard bike

CrossFit Workout
4:00 AMRAP
3 S2O 135/85
5 Chest to bar
7 Burpees

rest 4:00

4:00 AMRAP
5 S2O 115/75
10 Pullups
175/150 row OR 15/12 cal bike

rest 4:00

4:00 AMRAP
10 S2O 95/65
15 T2B
19/15 cal bike OR 225/200 row

155/105, 135/95, 115/75

Coach’s Note
The goal here is to keep the same number of rounds as the weight drops and the reps go up. Transitions are going to matter a lot! Score is your total reps–each bike/row is worth 2 reps–once for getting on, once for getting off. The gymnastics movements should be completed in 1 to 2 sets. The shoulder to overhead should be unbroken. … More…

CrossFit Workout 6/17/19 Monday

10:00 of:
3 back squats @ 2211 up to 70-75%
5 natural leg extensions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC8BjEeCco4

Every 3:30 for 5 rounds
5 back squats, starting at 75% and building to something heavy for the day.

CrossFit Workout
DU, Abmat situps

GHD/2 (25,20,15,10,5), DUx2

Coach’s Note
The double unders should be close to unbroken. Don’t break the situps more than once per set. The last set of back squats should be very very hard.

5:00 Bike
rest 2:00
5:00 Bike

Score is your total calories minus the range… More…

Front Range CrossFit Workout 6/15/19 Saturday

3 Rounds:
Up and back fr carry
3 Tire flips
5 pushups/hspu
150 run

CrossFit Workout
5 Rounds each, you go I go style:
50m unbroken double kb front rack carry 16/12
5 tire flips


Accumulate 100 hand release pushups.
EMOM including start, both partners do 10 air squats

into (relay style, each person goes)
Run 550
Bike 40/30 cals
Run 300m

24/16 FRC, HSPU

8 Rounds on the :90 for each lift:
Clean and Jerk
start @ 83% and build as perfect technique allows

Then 2×1 @95%+

Midline Work
5 Rounds of
50m farmer’s carry @30% of max deadlift in each hand
1:00 Barbell glute bridge hold
:90 rest in between rounds

Lactate Tolerance Work
On the 2:00 Start by 8 rounds: 150/120m ski sprint

These should tail off. Go balls to the wall every time. It should be about 1:3 work to rest, which isn’t quite full recovery. The goal is to flood yourself with lactate and then hold on as much as you can.… More…

CrossFit Workout 6/13/19 Friday

Do the barbell warmup, then:

5 Rounds of:
2 Hang power cleans up to strength weight
2 deadlifts up to workout weight
4 box jumps
10 banded lat pulldowns

Every 3:00 for 5 rounds
Hang Power clean x2 85-90% of HPC max
Lat pulldown x10

CrossFit Workout
3 Rounds, with a 13:00 cap
500m row
12 deadlifts, bodyweight
21 box jumps 24/20″

Coach’s Note
This one’s a benchmark, so go a little harder. The deadlifts should be something that you can lift for moderately high volume without an issue. The box jumps are the crux of this workout. Keep moving on those, and you’ll do very well.

Hang Power Snatch 5×2 85-90% of HPS

For time: 8-1 UB BMU
200m row in between… More…

CrossFit Workout 6/13/19 Thursday

8:00 EMOM
A 5 banded lunges/side
B 25 foot shuffle/side

Workout Warmup
3 rounds of:
200 m row, building in intensity
:20 suitcase hold/side up to rx weight
4 front rack lunges/side up to 95/65

CrossFit Workout
5:00 on, 2:00 off for 4 rounds
600/525m row
150 suitcase carry 32/24
Max front rack lunges 95/65 in remaining time

Coach’s Note
You should have about 1:00 left to do lunges. The suitcase carry is going to be heavy. You may switch as desired. The lunges should be light–go get them! The goal is to get to the lunges at the same time every round. If you can’t do at least 20 lunges unbroken at the workout weight when fresh, go down in weight. … More…

CrossFit Workout 7/12/19 Wednesday

Every :75 for 8 rounds
2 back squats @ 2211, building to strength weight.
Every other round, also do 2 half kneeling strict presses/side

Every 5:00 for 5 rounds
Back squat 5×5 93%
Strict press 5×10/arm
10 Stick jumps/du

CrossFit Workout
10:00 AMRAP
32 stick jumps 20″”/12″”

12 BFB
60 DU

Coach’s Note
These back squats should be heavy. They’re straight sets the whole way. The workout should be possible to do unbroken, but challenging. The only reason to rest will be breathing–try and go out at a pace that you can maintain.

8×8 Strict Ring dips
rest :30 in between rounds

Running Intervals
:30/:30 run x 6 rounds.
Rest 3:00
x3 sets. … More…

CrossFit Workout 6/11/19 Tuesday

With a partner:
3 rounds:
1 person passive hangs, 1 person active hangs, :15 seconds in each position
20 pullovers each
:30 single leg glute bridge hold/side while other person does a pec smash (coach’s choice)

Every :90 x 10 total rounds (5 each)
ODD: :20 N-sit
Even: 5-8 Kipping knee raises
ODD 3-5 Strict Leg raises+:05-:08 single leg L-sit/side
Even: 2-4 T2B
Odd: 3-5 Strict T2B+:10-:15 L-sit hold on last rep
Even: 6-10 Unbroken T2B

Then, do 3×3 stone shoulder up to workout weight

CrossFit Workout
3 Rounds of:
:50 of work at each station, :10 transition time
Stone shoulder 95/75
Row cals
Bike cals
Score is total reps.

145/115 S2S

Coach’s Note
You’re going to fall off a bit on pullups and stone shoulder, but try and minimize the damage as much as possible. Your calories should stay consistent. Unlike fight gone bad, there isn’t rest in this workout, other than the transition time, so you’ll need to be smart about how hard you push in the first round.… More…

CrossFit Workout 6/10/19

Happy belated birthday to Stan! A reminder, if you want a birthday workout, tell me a few weeks before, and we’ll fit your favorite movements into the programming!

9:00 EMOM
A 30 wall strikes
B :20-:30 hollow hold
C 10 empty bar ohs pulses

Workout Warmup
5 OHS @ 3311 up to 115/75
150 run

CrossFit Workout
10 OHS 75/55
20 abmat situps
550 run

No one goes up. Just go faster

Coach’s Note
This is a long workout that should let you keep moving the whole time. The squats should be light–make sure you’re getting all the way down and standing all the way up. I think that it might be possible for good runners to go 20 minutes on this workout. Make sure you keep the 550 under 3:30.

Push Jerk 5×2 @85-90% of Push Jerk
Front Rack BSS 5×10/leg

500m row @5k pace+:05
200m row @2k pace+:05
drop your pace by 1 second/interval every round