CrossFit Workout 7/10/18 Tuesday

10:00 of:
:30 wall strike drills
1:00 double under practice
10 perfect air squats
10 breaths in couch stretch/side

Workout Warmup
20:00 to build to a heavy single in the complex of:
1 power clean+1 front squat+1 push press

in b/t sets, accumulate:
40 perfect pushups (if you can do this in one set, accumulate 75)
40 total high box bodyweight step ups. Aim for a height that puts your knee at least 2 inches above your hip crease.

After the 20:00 are up, hit 3 rounds of:
:20 row sprint. 1:40 rest

After the last sprint, rest 3:00 and then start the workout.

CrossFit Workout
7:00 AMRAP
9 Thrusters 95/65
150 run

Coach’s Note
This should be really painful. Pick a weight that you can keep all the thrusters unbroken. Run a little harder than you want to. Make it your goal to never stop moving over the 7:00.

Run 33:00 at an easy pace
If you can, do this on a trail

Every 3min x 5 sets 1 back squat @90%
Try and EXPLODE out of the hole.

7 min EMOM
2-4 unbroken bar muscle ups