CrossFit Workout 7/9/18 Monday

3 rounds:
:40 side plank/side
10 light 1 arm russian kb swings/arm
10 breaths in half moon on the rig/side
:30 rig supported back arch

Workout Warmup
8:00 of pullup or ring muscle up practice
3 rounds not for time of:
8 kb snatches/arm @16/12, or a weight that you can use perfect form at.
accumulate :15-:20 l-sit/n-sit on paralletes

then get a few practice snatches in at your workout weight, and start the workout

CrossFit Workout
20 total KB snatches 24/16
15 abmat situps
10 pullups

If you can do ring muscle ups, do 4 ring muscle ups each round

Coach’s Note
This workout should go fast. Try and hold onto the snatches every round. Use the abmat situps as a bit of a break, and then go for a big set of pullups. Adjust the pullup thing to be the hardest thing you can maybe do unbroken every round. If 4 RMU is easily unbroken, you can increase the number to the highest number you think you can do unbroken every round. The goal is to fatigue your grip with the snatches and still make you do big sets.

Bike 40/30 cals
rest 1:00
x7 rounds

Every 3min x5 sets 1 clean @90%

This should not be a new max. No missed lifts!

3 rounds, not for time:
:10 hanging L-sit
A medium set of unbroken T2B (if you can, do this without coming off the bar from the L-sits)
10 GHD situps