CrossFit Workout 6/29/18 Friday

With a partner, over under around warmup

Use the ball you normally use for ball slams, and, with a partner, go for one lap around the building.
Alternate between over the head throws, side throws, and hike throws. The goal is warming up to using max explosive hip power.

Workout warmup
20:00 to
Build to 110-120% of your workout weight in a non-touch and go complex of:
1 above knee hang power clean+1 power clean & jerk
after every rep of the complex
run an easy 150
do 8 unbroken wall balls
do 5-10 pushups

this should take between 6 and 8 rounds.

CrossFit Workout
For time:
50 wall balls 20/14
10 Power clean &jerks 155/105
550 run

Coach’s Note
This should be a fast workout. Pick a weight that is heavier than normal, but that you can consistently do fast singles with. If the weight is light for you, push the wallballs to an uncomfortable place, and then run hard. If the wallballs will take you longer than 5 minutes, choose a lower number.

Around the world:
45:00 of
2:00 easy movement
an isometric hold.

Cycle through 4 or 5 holds. If you can’t easily breathe through your nose only, you’re moving too hard.

Back Squat 3×8@ 77% of your max. Rest 3:00 in between sets.

Then 4 rounds supersetted of:
Front rack split squats x 6/leg all tough sets
Single Leg RDL 6/leg all tough sets

rest 2:00 b/t supersets.

Every :30 until failure: 4-6 unbroken toe to bars

If you can’t get at least 4 sets of 4, scale to a number that you can.