CrossFit Workout 4/17/18 Tuesday

General Warmup
every minute on the minute for 10 minutes
odd: 10 banded good mornings+ 10 air squats with a pause at rock bottom
even: 50 single unders (or :40 of single unders)

Workout Warmup
10 sets of 2 of:
1 deadlift to power position
1 clean from power position
stay lightish on this and work technique
every 2 rounds:
An easy set of double unders
an easy set of high knees
an easy set of butt kicks

CrossFit Workout
Every 4:00 by 4 rounds
150 run
1 unbroken set of DU
8 unbroken hang cleans

Your score is the number of reps of double unders plus the weight you lift.
So if you do 100 ub du and clean 135, your score is 235. If you break the cleans, they don’t count for that round. You can change weight b/t rounds.

7×2 @ 90% of your heavy high block clean from week 1

accumulate 20 perfect pistol negatives e/leg from a high box. You can hold a light weight if need be. Ideally, be barefoot for this.

4 rounds
3 min row
3 min bike
3 min rest
This week, sell out on the first round and then try and hold as close as you can for the next 3. Sorry in advance 🙂